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  1. J8-Bit

    Turtleye's pixelpushing thread

    Dang, phenomenal work!!
  2. J8-Bit

    J8-Bit's spriteworks

    J8-Bit (Pokémon Trainer) - Pokémon DPP/HGSS/BW style Not the best, and a little out of proportion, but a nice attempt after a while of not spriting.
  3. J8-Bit

    J8-Bit's spriteworks

    I'd like to do more spritework but school has been very busy. I do have some things! Anubis Enemy - Mega Man NES style J8-Bit - Friday Night Funkin' style This will be for a mod!
  4. J8-Bit

    Sticky Smogon Sprite Project

    Are sprite artists for the Gen 9 Pokemon closed? I'm not sure if its because the main post hasn't been updated or because they're actually still closed, but I'd love to help contribute sprites for the Gen 9 Pokemon.
  5. J8-Bit

    Media Classic Megaman Discussion

    mega man 10 supremacy
  6. J8-Bit

    J8-Bit's spriteworks

    J8-Bit (Alien Design) - Pokémon DPP/HGSS/BW style Quickly pulled this sprite together for my signature! It's J8-Bit as designed by porta over on Twitter.
  7. J8-Bit

    J8-Bit's spriteworks

    Hey! My name's J8-Bit, and I've been making sprites for a long while before settling down here in the Smogon forums. I don't do requests but I'm open to discussing potential art trades or commissions, feel free to DM me about it and check if I'm available for such! I hope to post more...